OneStepCheckout for Magento 1

The original OneStepCheckout used by 20,000+ Magento shops
OneStepCheckout Magento Community License M1

OneStepCheckout Magento Community License M1


    OneStepCheckout allows you to shape the checkout of your online store the way you want, in order to reduce cart abandonment, increase conversion and meet your business requirements.

    This License includes OneStepCheckout software and FREE Support and Update Plan (SUP) for the first 12 months.
OneStepCheckout M1 Community Edition Software:

  • Fully compatible with all versions of Magento 1 Community Edition
  • Allows separate domain for development/testing

Support and Update Plan (SUP):

  • Direct email access to our team of experts
  • Software Updates, patches, bug fixes etc.
  • FREE for the first 12 months (worth €120)

Magento eCommerce agencies, freelancers, white label stores etc. cannot include all their clients domain in one license. Each of their client must have an individual license.

Refund Policy:
We offer a full refund of the software if you are not able to get OneStepCheckout to work in your setup despite the assistance of our support team.
Please choose the amount of domains you want to use OneStepCheckout on and enter the specific domains below (one per line).

NB: You can always change production and development domains later if necessary.
More information Our License only allows for use on domains belonging to the same legal entity.

The company who is making this order cannot share the license by adding domains from other companies, partners, split-share revenue agreements, etc.

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