Why OneStepCheckout?

Checkout is critical. Only settle for nothing less than the best.

A Decade as the Market Leader in Checkout for Magento

Over 20,000 customers since 2010 and still growing

Developing and fine tuning a solution that works for tens of thousands of customers today

It all started when our two Norwegian cofounders shipped their first Magento store to a client back in 2009. Their client called up and said: “This checkout is broken, how do you expect my customers to go through 6 pages of checkout? Please fix this”. And so we did.

By simply adding technology, we allow any Magento store to get more sales!

No need to spend time and effort increasing traffic and get more products to cart. You can increase the number of orders just by reducing cart abandonment. Checkout is business critical and optimizing it will mathematically improve your sales conversion.

That’s why OneStepCheckout has taken the market by storm and is one of the best selling extensions for Magento. Today we are the only company focusing 100% of our resource to the original single page checkout for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Our Customers

Big, small, all industries, all over the world

Over 20,000 Magento stores chose OneStepCheckout

At One Step Checkout, our mission is increase online stores’ sales by reducing shopping cart abandonment and improve shoppers experience. Our customers are Magento stores around the globe and across all verticals such as fashion, electronics, auto parts, health, food, home and garden, gaming and many more.

$8Bn+ are processed annually through OneStepCheckout

Not only does our product effectively increases conversion but we also make a point at helping our customers install, integrate and customize our checkout page to meet their requirements and timings.

Our Reputation is our #1 Asset

The popularity of our single extension build us a name in the Magento Ecosystem
  • +20,000 Magento merchants

  • +$8 Billion Annual transactions

  • +200 Partners

  • 9/10Compatibility

  • 1 & 2Available for
    Magento 1 and 2

Checkout is our core and only business

It’s how we provide the best product and service to Magento merchants and Agencies

Our success comes from the fact that we are not a traditional extension provider offering many extensions. We focus on one thing to do it extremely well, better than anyone else: improving the experience of Checkout so Magento stores can reduce cart abandonment and increase sales conversion.

Laser Focus on Checkout
Laser Focus on Checkout

Since 2010, the company has specialised in only one field, but the most complex area of Magento: Checkout.

With over 25,000 hours and 100% of the staff dedicated to our unique product, you can be sure to benefit from unmatched experience and knowledge in this field.

As a result we have become a reference on the topic.

10 years of Insights and Innovation
10 years of Insights and Innovation

In order to provide the best customer service and product at all time, it is the same people who provide technical support to our customers and who develop new versions of our software.

We hear first hand insights from merchants across 40+ countries and all industry verticals and decide on the key features to add to our product.

The best people at your fingertips
The best people at your fingertips

When you contact us, you will get direct answers from our experts. No levels of support.

Just us with our 20 year experience each, either on the business side of eCommerce or the technical side.

Plus we are connected with many important players in the ecosystem to provide the fastest resolution if any issues arise.

Not just your average Magento developers

Meet our eCommerce experts
Jone Eide


Jone Eide


Jone Eide


Jone Eide


Jone Eide


Jone Eide


eCommerce Business Expertise

We are businesses driven. We have been in the shoes of our customers, whether you are a merchant or an agency.

Our team has a long history of helping eCommerce merchants as part of Magento agencies or as independent consultants. We also learnt from the best with experience at eBay, PayPal, Accenture and our CMO worked for manufacturer brands like Clarins and Johnson & Johnson.

Fun fact: our lead developer also holds a Law degree, which allows us to fully understand the regulations and requirements from various customers around the world.

Magento Experience and Checkout Expertise

Our technical team has been working on Magento from the start in 2008 and on checkout since 2009.

We know Magento inside out, and we’ve seen thousands of different cases across industries, regions, Magento editions and versions etc…

Pure Design and High Quality Code

Led by our Norwegian CTO, our developers who graduated from TalTech (like the programmers of Skype and Kazaa) provide high quality structured code so that any third party who follow Magento’s coding guidelines can work out of the box with us.

Check our team member’s profile on LinkedIn

Our pricing reflects the quality of our product and service

Be smarter, choose simplicity

We are aware that our idea got copied and is being distributed by hundreds of extension developers, most often with a lower price. Indeed we came up with the best idea that works for all Magento stores so it’s a natural force of the market that we get competition. Competition is good as it pushes us to be better and to constantly innovate.

However we don’t like to see merchants going through bad experiences when trying to integrate a Checkout plug-in. We have a policy of not commenting on other One Page Checkout solutions. At the same time, it’s our responsibility to provide advice and a framework to help you make the best decision for your business: focus on high quality products and outstanding customer service when it comes to the most critical area of your eCommerce business: Checkout.

Over the years, clients and agencies tell us how they learnt the hard way. Now they know that saving a few bucks is not worth the hassle of spending hours of scarce Magento resource to fix issues. At the end of the day, they end up wasting unnecessary and unplanned time and budget on the job. Many merchants then come back to us for a whole clean up and installation of our software.

Be smarter. Go for a trusted and rock solid product that is compatible with 9 out of 10 of the popular third party solutions for Magento, a company who built its reputation on its customer service and who won’t let you down, whether you’re staying on Magento 1 or Migrating to Magento 2.

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Tommy Frøkjær

Founder and CEO of Wexo

We’re probably OneStepCheckout’s best customer. We recommend them to all our clients and we never felt the need to contact their support team: it works every time. You will end up spending more time and money looking for a cheaper solution and making it work. OneStepCheckout is the smart choice.

The Fast-Good-Cheap Triangle applied to Magento Extensions:

Our Refund Policy

Get peace of mind when you purchase from OneStepCheckout

We offer a full refund for the software if you are not able to get OneStepCheckout to work in your setup despite the assistance of our support team.

We are quite confident if will work given we have over 20,000 Magento merchants with all kind of setups, regional requirements and third party preferences. If you run into issues, our legendary Support team will help and they have a very good success rate.

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The final touch: Personality

We’re all humans after all, and B2B is Human to Human

It’s not enough to be reliable, trustworthy and dependable. It is a given if you want to be in business for the long haul. Customers and the community have time to judge your actions and see if you walk the talk.

We love spending time with the Magento Community and building long term relationships. We enjoy life, we are fun and empathetic.

We love travelling and we’ve been blessed by the Meet Magento and Magento Event teams who created all these opportunities for us.

We all are foodies too, not just coffee, beer but also fresh seafood, vegetarian, meat lovers, world food, fine dining, Hageslag, NY Bagels etc...

See you on the dance floor?