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We know that the checkout in your store is crucial for your business. That's why we've thoroughly tested OneStepCheckout to
make sure it performs and works in all possible Magento setups. If you need assistance or run into any issues, here
are various guides and tools we have prepared to help you out.

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Our Documentation contains all the information you need to install and maintain your OneStepCheckout installation.

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We are GMT+1, and normally reply within 12-24h on business days. In order to give you the best possible
support, please be as detailed as possible. Explanatory screenshots are always useful, and if relevant
you can also include login details to your Magento admin area.

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  • Domain and/or order number

  • Describe the test scenario for replicating the issue in your store

  • Onetimesecret url for ssh and/or Magento admin if relevant (see more info on form above)

  • Screenshots describing the issue

  • Your Magento version number as well as OneStepCheckout version

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