OneStepCheckout for Magento 2

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The Original OneStepCheckout

Shape and customize your Magento 2 Checkout the way you want

Discover how OneStepCheckout makes it easy,
both for online shoppers and for Magento merchants

Since 2010 we’ve been trailblazing the path to an enhanced checkout for Magento. Our vision is to reduce cart abandonment by removing friction for online shoppers as well as making it simple for Magento merchants to customize their checkout.

Magento store’s checkout requirements are driven by their industries, their sizes, their business life stages and most importantly by who and where their customers are. Over the years, we’ve seen how each merchant is different, we solved tricky cases and have applied those learnings to add the most relevant features to our product.

With Magento 2, we are taking OneStepCheckout to the next level. We’ve designed our extension to be extremely modular and allow merchants to shape the checkout that they want with minimal development skills and resources.

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OneStepCheckout for Magento 2

Community and Enterprise Edition

We offer two editions of OneStepCheckout to match your Magento 2 Edition

Our one page checkout module is available in two editions: Community and Enterprise.

Both editions of our Magento plug-in simplify your checkout experience in order to reduce cart abandonment and increase your sales conversions. We have matched our License editions to the editions of the Magento platform that you are running on your online store.

OneStepCheckout Community Edition
supports all the latest versions of the Community Edition of the Magento eCommerce platform (CE).

OneStepCheckout Enterprise Edition
support all the latest versions of the Enterprise Edition of the Magento eCommerce platform (EE). It supports additional features like loyalty points, credits, gift registry etc.

This OneStepCheckout License has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Magento stores running on Magento 2 Open Source (Community Edition).

This License includes:

  • OneStepCheckout Software
  • Separate domains for development/testing

Improve your checkout today to reduce cart abandonment and improve sales conversion.

This OneStepCheckout License has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Magento stores running on Magento 2 Commerce (Enterprise Edition).

This License includes:

  • OneStepCheckout Software
  • Separate domains for development/testing

FREE PREMIUM Support and Update Plan (SUP) for the first 12 months (Value €600).

How it works: greater flexibility

Building on the power of Magento 2 to provide the Checkout that works for you

Magento 2 offers enhanced performance and scalability, business agility and productivity improvements. Its new features aim at further boosting conversion rates, and builds on Magento’s open source heritage to offer unmatched flexibility and innovation opportunities.

With Magento 2, native checkout has been simplified to just 2 steps instead of 6. However surprises can still happen through those steps. Studies have shown that the top reasons for cart abandonment are: unexpected costs, site speed and checkout form complexity.

As such, it also made sense for us to offer a one page alternative to the Magento 2 native checkout. This new Product line is building on our heritage, the Original OneStepCheckout, that got overwhelming responses from merchants when we introduced it back in the early days of Magento

Native Magento Checkout

The Standard Magento Checkout process:
unexpected costs, longer form and payment method surprise


OneStepCheckout: all on one page at a glance,
applies all best practices to reduce cart abandonment

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OneStepCheckout for Magento 2 product features

Our features are carefully picked based on our experience across 20,000+ Magento stores

Building on the success of OneStepCheckout for Magento 1, we are aiming at matching all the features that our current customers love and keep following ecommerce trends to add new ones.

Our extension includes but is not limited to the features listed below.

  • General UX Features
  • Field Management
  • Shipping and Payment
  • Customization
  • Checkout on a single page above the fold

  • Country auto fill with GeoiP localisation

  • Auto-update prices and totals when changing quantity, shipping/payment method

  • Responsive on mobile devices and tablets

  • Disable unnecessary fields like fax, company, telephone, region and more

  • Choose the order the address fields appear

  • Set a default shipping/payment method

  • Auto-update available payment methods when user chooses shipping method

  • Auto-update available shipping rates when user chooses country, zip code or region

  • Compatible out of-the-box with 99% of extensions that follow Magento 2 API for shipment and payment functionality

  • Easy installation

  • Easy one-line installation with Composer

  • Easy to customize CSS

  • Multiple registration scenarios including auto-registration

Magento 2 Compatible And Fully Customizable

OneStepCheckout is easy to install and integrates with your preferred Magento 2 extensions

What customers loved about our OneStepCheckout for Magento 1 was the ease of installation and compatibility with most players in the Magento Ecosystem.

With Magento 2, we endeavour to keep up with the evolution of the whole ecosystem so our checkout works with all the third party extension that your business needs.

We’re in the Magento 2 era together and we won’t let you down.

Easy to install

OneStepCheckout extension for Magento 2 is easy to install and update. We cater to Magento store owners who don’t have much time to delve into Magento technicalities. You can have it your way, either with a downloadable ZIP file, or with Composer following the new Magento guidelines, or have our team install it for you.

Once installed, it integrates easily with your theme, other third party extensions for Magento 2, and new checkout settings appear automatically in the backend administration.

With Composer, our extension is now easier to update so you can keep up with the evolution of the Magento Ecosystem and take advantage of all the latest innovation and improvements.

40+ countries
Built for Magento 2

OneStepCheckout is our core business so you can be sure that we monitor closely the evolution of Magento 2 versions.

We follow all the Magento Release Updates and develop the relevant fixes to make sure OneStepCheckout always works perfectly with the latest versions of Magento.

That also includes monitoring and taking action with Patch releases. We take Security seriously especially when dealing with checkout and your customers sensitive information. Read more about how our Support and Update Plan gives you peace of mind regarding maintenance, update, and direct access to our experts.

Lifelong commitment
OneStepCheckout Compatibility with third party extensions

With Magento 2, we are compatible with whoever follows the extension and API coding guidelines.

Being open source and powered by all the brains within the Ecosystem is a key competitive advantage of the Magento platform. That’s why our key feature is to be extremely modular so as to integrate with all the third party vendors you need to run a great business.

We also build on our long term relationship with key Payment, Shipping, Loyalty Solutions and many more – and are frequently approached by newcomers who want to be compatible with us.

OneStepCheckout Demo

Visit our online demo and see for yourself how quick and easy your checkout can be for your customers

The best way to have a feel of what your shoppers will experience is to have a play with our our checkout on a Magento 2 store live demo.

Simply add a product to cart, click on the cart on the top right and go to checkout. See how all the information is displayed on one page which is easy to fill out.


Live Demo

OneStepCheckout for Magento 2 Pricing

Get the legendary OneStepCheckout experience with the Software License and Support & Update Plan

Checkout is the critical function of any eCommerce site that you should never compromise with. With OneStepCheckout, not only do you get a rock solid software but you can also take advantage of our Support and Update Plan (SUP) that gives you direct access to our team of experts as well as software updates, patches, bug fixes etc.

Read more about what our SUP can do for you.


Compatible with Magento 2 CE

One domain included

485 +

Support and Update
Value Plan

10 per month  
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  • Extra services:

  • Addition domains: €75 per domain

  • Installation: €70


Compatible with Magento 2 EE

One domain included

1,685 +

Support and Update
Value Plan

50 per month First 12 months included! Order Now
  • Extra services:

  • Addition domains: €75 per domain

  • Installation: €70

A few words from Anton, our Lead Developer

Insights and stories about how this new product came about
Anton Siniorg

Anton is our lead developer and one of our top support engineers. He’s been leading our Magento 2 project with dedication and without taking shortcuts to deliver an innovative product we are all proud of.

A tough nut to crack

To design and develop OneStepCheckout with the true spirit of Magento 2, we had to innovate and explore new territories. It wasn’t just about creating a checkout that fits on one page. Magento 2’s native checkout experience has dramatically improved and has already reduced from 6 down to 2 pages. So our value proposition had to be above and beyond the one page.

Based on my experience servicing Magento stores with all kind of checkout set ups, I knew that the key benefit of our product had to be its modularity. The road was full of surprises, the pressure was on with emails coming everyday into our sales team asking about status of our OneStepCheckout for Magento 2.

Indeed a tough nut to crack, but with perseverance, support from the whole OneStepCheckout team and a hand from a few gurus in the Magento Community, we got there.

I am proud to have taken OneStepCheckout product to the next level. We are thrilled about the demand for this product. It shows a real need in the market. And as a company, we can’t be happier to have cracked that nut and bring a real solution that allows our existing customers migrating to Magento 2, as well new Magento 2 stores to shape their checkout the way they want.

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