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What is OneStepCheckout Support and Update Plan?

Your access to OneStepCheckout's Legendary Support Team and updated versions of our software

Checkout is the most critical part of your online business. Since 2010 we have been servicing thousands of Magento stores with that in mind. The quality of our customer service is what built our reputation in the Magento Ecosystem.

With direct access to our team of experts who have gained unmatched experience on Checkout for Magento, you are in safe hands.

Get peace of mind by purchasing our OneStepCheckout Support and Update Plan (SUP). You will get the best people to help you develop and maintain the checkout that you want through the rapid evolution of the market and ecosystem. Our SUP includes updates, patches, bug fixes and email support on an ongoing basis.

Discover below what our customers are saying about our Support Service. Meet our team of Experts, understand where we get our knowledge and experience from and trust us to be committed for the long haul.

10 / month

If you already subscribed to our Support and Update Plan, you can log a ticket directly with our Support team.

Direct Access to our Legendary Support Team

Meet our OneStepCheckout experts
Jone Eide

Jone Eide, CTO

Haugesund, Norway

Co-Founded OneStepCheckout in 2009


Anton Siniorg

Anton Siniorg, Lead Developer

Tallinn, Estonia

Joined OneStepCheckout in 2011

More about Anton

Madis Männi

Madis Männi, Support Manager

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Joined OneStepCheckout in 2012

More about Madis

Your Support team is the same team that has built our original OneStepCheckout extension.
Our unique business model allows our customers to have direct contact with this technical team.

We don't:

  • Outsource our customer service

  • Take shortcuts and avoid understanding the root cause of your problem

  • Have an army of front line support agents who don’t know our product inside out and waste your precious time

  • Lose expertise, experience and knowledge through employee turn over

We do:

  • Have all your emails read by Jone, Anton and Madis

  • Have support questions handled by the same people who built our extension

  • Apply knowledge and experience built by supporting our 20,000+ customers since 2010

  • Spread across three timezones

  • Offer support in English, French and Portuguese

  • Continuously innovate and improve our extension

What customers say about our Support service

When customer praise our customer service even more than our product

Here is an extract of what Magento Store Owners and Developers say
about our Support Team and Service

Great versatile extension and top notch support

We've been a OneStepCheckout customer for some years now. We absolutely love the extension. The customizability is endless. It just works. It works with almost any payment method or platform that you can think of. Support is also unparalleled and without question the best we've experienced so far. This extension is worth every penny.

Excellent support and overall great user experience

This extension just makes checkout a breeze for the end user... but that's not the best part. The staff at OneStepCheckout provide great, responsive and rapid support with their extension which is something you want when running a business.

Reliable, lots of features & great support

Excellent module with lots of useful extra features. Their support is first rate, friendly, helpful and fast. I've used two other well known One Step Checkout modules for Magento and while they were also good, this one is the best in my opinion.

Great support

Great plugin. Technical support was adequate and fast. The question was unconventional but they were willing to help.

Brilliant support, patient and professional.

Brilliant support, help with configuring my theme to work with the onestepcheckout.. Very patient as I didn't have a clue. Would recommend this product and service to all. Well done and a big thank you.

Per Holm, Cool

I bought this module 2½ year ago and it has always worked like a charm, module is kept up to date with newest Technologies and if support is needed you will get this very quick and with no qestions asked, problem fixed in no time.

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Unmatched expertise about Checkout for Magento

Covering 20,000+ order over 40+ countries in all industry verticals

OneStepCheckout is our core business. The company has been focusing its resource one that single extension. That’s how we have developed width and breadth of expertise on the specific subject of Checkout for Magento.

25,000 Hours

Jone, Anton and Madis have been the core team of developers at OneStepCheckout since 2010.

Day in day out all they do is focused on supporting Magento merchants and making sure they get the checkout experience that they want.

With this extensive exposure and knowledge, our technical team is always ahead of the game and has the most robust insights into the key features that must be built in versions of OneStepCheckout, both for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

40+ countries
40+ countries

Each Magento merchant is different and have their specific business requirements, industry and regional regulations and flavors.

With over 20,000 orders coming from 40+ countries and across all industry verticals, it is our duty to ensure that OneStepCheckout will always work with:

  • Your payment provider
  • Your shipping provider
  • Loyalty program, Credit Solution and many other third party services that you need to run your business
Lifelong commitment
Lifelong commitment

Checkout is the most critical part of your business. The whole ecosystem is constantly evolving, including Magento itself.

We endeavor to keep up with this constant evolution to provide you with a stable and effective checkout, from the moment you become a OneStepCheckout customer and for the whole life of your company.

We have developed relationships with key people at the most popular services that you use, so as to always keep our product up-to-date.

A few words of advice

From the Experts in the Magento Community
Willem de Groot

The notion that software requires maintenance is finally getting traction. It's just like a car: periodic checkups prevent costly repairs. In Magento, this is particularly true. Many security incidents are caused by older components that were not updated in time. Yes, it can be hard to monitor for updates to all your extensions. So you should focus on those that are pivotal to your customer's trust: everything that touches payments. OneStepCheckout provides an excellent service here.

— Co-founder of MageReport and Byte BV
Kristof Ringleff

The checkout is the most crucial part of your online shop. Making sure that you have continuous access to the latest, most up-to-date version and the team @ OneStepCheckout is a no-brainer.

Magento Master, the Extension Guy at Fooman and founder of ExtDN

What our subscribers say

Here are some reviews from early adopters of our Support and Update Plan
Jake Boyle, Shipton & Heneage

When you sell high quality shoes you can't afford to have an outdated checkout. With OneStepCheckout Support and Update Plan we know that our checkout will always provide the user experience that aligns with our brand. In fact, if we convert one additional order, it already pays off 12 months of their Update and Support.

— Jake Boyle, eCommerce Manager at Shipton & Heneage
Willem Roman Rabszty, Moquer

As an Entrepreneur and eCommerce Consultant I understand how important it is to stay abreast of innovation and offer great customer experience. But it takes time and skilled resources. I find that OneStepCheckout Support and Update Plan is a cost effective way to stay ahead of the game with the checkout of the Magento stores I manage like

Willem Roman Rabsztyn, Application Developer, Internet Entrepreneur
J. Labbé, Labbé

We chose OneStepCheckout because it's widely used by Magento stores. That means that we will continuously benefit from feedback from all their customers in upcoming versions updates of their software. Having access to the most up-to-date checkout features and technology and knowing we can directly speak to their technical team is something our business highly values.

— J Labbé, Director Labbé
Lucas van Staden, Enjo

I highly encourage Magento Merchants to purchase OneStepCheckout Support and Update plan. Having the most up-to-date checkout is critical for any online business. The OneStepCheckout's Support team has been brilliant solving checkout issues for my clients/ employers. You would be mad not to take advantage of their expertise and experience.

— Lucas van Staden, Enjo, Proxiblue

By your side through the evolution of the Ecosystem

We’re in it together, for life

In the last few months the Magento ecosystem has been changing rapidly. This is a long term trend and it will keep accelerating. This trend is driven not just by Magento but also happening in the Online Payment and Shipping Industries.

New requirements will come from regulators and from higher customers expectations. New services will keep emerging to improve shoppers experience and increase your online store’s conversion. New challenges will force you to increase the safety and security of your store. New needs will emerge as your own business grows.

All these will affect your Magento Checkout and we will be there to keep it up to date and help you harness all the innovation that will increase the performance and safety of your online business.

We’ve been following the trends and liaising with the most popular players in the industry on a regular basis so no one is left behind on the battlefield of ecommerce. We’re in this together. The frequent release of our software updates, patches and bug fixes will allow your checkout to always be ahead of the game. Our Support line will advise on all questions regarding your checkout for as long as you need it.

OneStepCheckout Support and Update Plan pricing

Affordable, approachable, indispensable

6 months

Discovery Plan


  • Unlimited software updates

  • Direct access to the Support team

  • Valid on all the domains covered by one OneStepCheckout license

  • Billable 6 months ahead,
    renews every 6 months

€ 90 i.e. €15 per month