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OSCAR: OneStepCheckout Advantage and Rewards

What can I do for my client today?

Explore all the opportunities driven by a better Checkout

Everyday, you wake up and ask yourself: “What can I do to add value to my clients today?”

You always strive to come up with new solutions to help Magento merchants improve their performance, grow and innovate.

Where we can help is around the Checkout area. It is the most critical process in any eCommerce business and yet the most complex in the world of Magento. Some might still be daunted to go near it. Fear no more! We have become the ultimate expert in this field, helping over 20,000 merchants and agencies reduce cart abandonment and improve online sales conversion since 2010.

This is what our partnership is about. Providing you with a solution that looks good, works out-of-the-box and makes a difference in your client’s bottom line.

How can OneStepCheckout contribute to my clients success?

Explore all the opportunities driven by a better Checkout

A quicker and more streamlined checkout experience

Studies have shown how one of the main reason for cart abandonment is SPEED.

By reducing the number pages that your merchant’s store has to load as well as keeping to a minimum the information that shoppers have to fill out, you will increase your client’s checkout conversion rate and turn more of their visitors into customers.


Help your client expand internationally

With over 20,000 Magento customers across over 40 countries, we have seen best practices in terms of form fields requirements, shipping and payment provider preference and integration for all the major regional markets.

Think VAT and sales tax, address format and lookup, Social Security number and other mandatory fields… it’s all been built into our product over the years.


Applying best practices into our core product

We get feedback from thousands of Magento stores about what feature will further boost conversion rate, improve User Experience and help them ship more effectively i.e. faster and cheaper.

We build that into new releases of our core product that also closely follow the new version releases and patches issues by Magento.

Why Partner with OneStepCheckout

We go the extra mile for you and for your clients

If you’ve met us before, you know we are friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We’re good at talking technology as well as business. We have been around for a while, not just our company and product. Our team members each bring a whole wealth of experience acquired from our pre Magento era. We’ve been in your shoes and that of your clients.

Rock solid Product
Rock solid Product

Save time and effort implementing the best checkout extension

  • Well coded following Magento guidelines
  • Well documented
  • Compatible with 9/10 third party services
  • Leveraging the knowledge and expertise gained on checkout for Magento since 2010
  • Constantly updated to follow the evolution of the Magento ecosystem
Legendary Support
Legendary Support

Deal with the most knowledgeable Checkout experts

  • Direct line with our Magento experts
  • Unmatched skills, experience and expertise on Checkout for Magento 1 and 2
  • Let us do the legwork so you can allocate your dev resource to other areas of Magento

Read what customers say about our customer service

Trusted Brand
Trusted Brand

Associate your brand with one that gained its reputation in the Magento ecosystem

  • Strong brand presence in the Magento Community since 2010
  • Acclaimed by Merchants and Agencies
  • Supporting Magento Events, and expanding Magento’s footprint to new countries

Read our interview by Magento

More benefits for Magento Partner Agencies

Because we have so much to offer
  • Development License with access to the latest versions of OneStepCheckout for Magento 1 and Magento 2
  • Extremely competitive commission on OneStepCheckout license orders
  • Feature on our Partner Page
  • Opportunities for joint content creation and co-branding activities i.e. Case Studies, Events, Sponsored posts etc.
  • Social Media Support, and you know how active we are there!
  • Priority Support from our Legendary Team. Let us handle all your checkout issues so you can allocate your Magento developers to other areas of your client's site

Did we mention we are good at creating content and jazzing up events?

We’ve are also passionate about getting involved in the Community by supporting Magento events around the world and Developers Networks like ExtDN.

Contentwise, we produce Thought Leadership pieces about Checkout conversion, Case Studies, Magento Market overviews by geography and by vertical, it’s all here.

Partner Resources

What Agency Partners say about us

You might recognize some familiar faces
Danny Verkade

We’ve been using OneStepCheckout on over 40 Magento clients as the product works out-of-the-box, is always up-to-date and looks good. Best is their Support team: quick and knowledgeable, which allows you to provide great service to our clients.

— Managing Director at Cream, Magento Master 2018 and Top 5 Magento Contributor 2018
Mike Barnett

We love OneStepCheckout and their fast accurate support. We encourage all of our customers to have this on their site as it proves from our analytics to be one of the most key enhancements that increases conversion rate. Compatibility is often an issue we find with Magento plugins, but it is testimony to the best practices adopted by OneStepCheckout that we never have any issues installing the plugin. Keep up the amazing work guys!

— Co-Founder and Director of Media Lounge
Tommy Frøkjær

We’re probably OneStepCheckout’s best customers: we recommend them to all our clients and we never felt the need to contact their support team: it works every time. You will end up spending more time and money looking for a cheaper solution and making it work. OneStepCheckout is the smart choice.

— Founder and CEO Wexo
Mark Haller

We chose OneStepCheckout originally as it was one of the first to market, was the most popular and had a comprehensive feature set. This continues to be the case. We very rarely use Magento's out of the box checkout page, and most times will use OneStepCheckout - both for its design/layout and structure. We also find the integration with Ebizmart's SagePay module works really well.

— Founder and Director LogicSpot

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What do other members of the Magento Community say about us

Quality and security is important to us
Willem de Groot

The notion that software requires maintenance is finally getting traction. It's just like a car: periodic checkups prevent costly repairs. In Magento, this is particularly true. Many security incidents are caused by older components that were not updated in time. Yes, it can be hard to monitor for updates to all your extensions. So you should focus on those that are pivotal to your customer's trust: everything that touches payments. OneStepCheckout provides an excellent service here.

— Co-founder of MageReport and Byte BV
Kristof Ringleff

The checkout is the most crucial part of your online shop. Making sure that you have continuous access to the latest, most up-to-date version and the team @ OneStepCheckout is a no-brainer.

Magento Master, the Extension Guy at Fooman and founder of ExtDN

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the primary benefit of this program?

  • It’s all about the value you can add to your client. Improve their business performance and user experience through a better checkout and they will thank you for that!
  • And to make it even sweeter, we offer the most competitive commission on the market due to our premium pricing

How does this work?

The system is based on a referral link that attributes the sales to you. We highly suggest that your client is the one placing the order, using your referral link, for the following reasons:

  • Support and Update Plan: it will be in your client’s name so they can liaise directly with us for all their Checkout related questions. Let us do the legwork for you. That’s our area of expertise. This will allow you to not waste scarce Magento dev time on checkout and use it where you add better value
  • The OneStepCheckout account will also be in their name. This saves a lot of hassle if ever your clients change agency (touch wood, we hope they don’t, but from experience it happens more than we think)

What if prefer to make purchases on behalf of my clients?

  • That works too, use your own referral link to purchase products for your clients and add our Support and Update Plan in their yearly retainer.

How do I get paid my commission

  • Via PayPal

How often do I get paid my commission

  • As long as you’ve made at least two successful referrals you can initiate payouts